CI Experience Brazil

CI Experience Brazil is the incoming unit CI – Central Exchange and Travel, which focuses on receiving students from around the world interested in activities related to education and culture in Brazil. Foreigners are warmly welcomed and our commitment is to offer unique and unforgettable experiences!

Av. Paulista, 726, cj 601.
01310-940 – São Paulo – SP

(+ 55) (11) 3262-4012



Field of activity:

Operating cities:
Multiple cities – according to the program.

Operating states:
Acre (AC), Alagoas (AL), Amapá (AP), Amazonas (AM), Bahia (BA), Ceará (CE), Federal District (DF), Espírito Santo (ES), Goiás (GO), Maranhão (MA ), Mato Grosso (MT), Mato Grosso do Sul (MS), Minas Gerais (MG), Pará (PA), Paraiba (PB), Paraná (PR), Pernambuco (PE), Piauí (PI), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Rio Grande do Norte (RN), Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Rondônia (RO), Roraima (RR), Santa Catarina (SC), São Paulo (SP), Sergipe (SE), Tocantins (TO )

Operating regions:
Midwest, North, Northeast, South, Southeast

Programs offering:
Adventure / Sports, High School, Internship, Language, Study Trip and volunteer work.